Lyon International has been fortunate to develop a relationship with The Barras Market, Glasgow.
An individual stall holder started the whole 'thing' by asking.....'Could I....?'
The rest is history.
The results are here!
    FRENCH, Scottish, Irish or wherever we are from. Matters NOT.
Barras Market, Glasgow has something for everybody.
Happens Lyon International does Wood however look at the stall these pieces are on...
So very fortunate that Christine, very experienced stall holder, has permitted
my showing and selling pieces from her own stall.
'Murphys', above, the most recent....
    Then we have the 'Guinness', almost where it all began.
Remember though, this is not a Lyon International stall. This is CHRISTINEs' stall.
Pin Badges, Memorobilaia, enemal incredible collection around....
    From above left to below right....The Barras, Guinness plaque on the stall,
a variety of 'Lyon International' pieces and then, just making it......
Foldable, 'Traditional', Wooden stretcher Clothes Pole....